Sara & Janice

Sara & Janice


I'm always skeptical of anyone claiming to be a medium. Always. And, Sara was not an exception. When I booked my tarot card reading, I was more curious than anything else. I wasn't sure if I'd get a standard cold reading where I'd make loose connections to generalities, or if maybe I'd given too much of my life away on social media for this reading to be anything less than contrived. But, I was still curious.  

   Sara was very professional from the start. She explained the process in clear terms, did not make any promises, and didn't want me to tell her any details about what I was hoping to gain. I had a good feeling about her and the environment she'd created for her craft. I asked if we could switch from tarot cards to a medium reading. I'm not sure why, but I'm so glad I did.  

I won't go into every detail, but I'll offer this. My grandmother came through. And Sara referenced something I have never told another living soul because I just plain forgot. I use to give my grandmother pedicures when I was a child. I'd get the whole bucket with warm water, nail file, and polish setup. I did this maybe once every few months. I didn't think much of it to be honest.
  But, she told Sara about it. And, that was not the only very specific, completely private detail that she knew. I've been to a lot of mediums, tarot card readers, and the like. But, Sara is the most legit medium I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  

  Make the appointment. Give her a shot. It might just blow your mind.

Michelle S Cedar Park Tx


I had a medium reading with Sara that was amazing.  She connected me with my son and was able to bring some closure and peace to both of us. She knew things that she couldn't have known.  She is compassionate and caring and I look forward to working with her in the future.   My 2019 Christmas Miracle!  Thanks Sara

Pam L Ausitn, Tx

I had a past life regression with Sara. I was nervous about being too in my head for hypnosis to work, and worried I wouldn’t be able to be so vulnerable with a complete stranger.
It was my first time to do a regression, and I was researching places in Austin to get this done. I saw a lot of advertisements for sessions that were a few hundred dollars, which I would be willing to save for and pay eventually, but I just didn’t feel right about them in general. I found Austin Mediums and had a good gut feeling reading the site, and then to my surprise, they offered this at a fraction of the cost.
I just want to be explicit about how grateful I am about this experience with Sara! I came in with worry (for the success of the process, and my wallet), and left with a life-changing experience that I was financially able to access immediately.
Thank you to Sara! I’ll be seeing you again soon. ❤️ 

Oliver L. Austin Tx

The heartfelt warmth and respect shown during the  sessions each of my family and I have had with Sara made it a truly  inspiring experience. Her gift, her perceptions and her desire to help,  she is an absolute delight to work with. I feel very respected by Austin  Mediums and will continue to work with them. Laughter, tears and  answers, always! 

Nicole Moss, Austin, Tx


Sara is truly gifted and a beautiful soul.
Leah W.  Pflugerville, Tx


 Very beautiful experience. I felt love and light the entire time and thankful for the gift that Sara shares with the world. 

Amy P.  Austin, Tx

I attended a private seance and was so impressed to watch Sara work. She  is down to earth, compassionate and professional.  The person I wanted  to come through,  definitely came through. I was very pleased and left  feeling happy. I highly recommend her services. 

Karyn G. Austin, Tx


 I  recently took part in a seance with Sara and a handful of others. I've  met with Sara before, but this was the first time in a group setting.  I'm a skeptic, but have experienced things that there's not logical  answers to. My skepticism is not tied to ego tho, and there's things  Sara has connected with and specific  she things mentioned, that I've been blown away.  I've been through some major losses and meeting with Sara has been a  part of my healing. 

Jazzie W. Austin, Tx


 I had a reading done and I'm so truly happy I went! The environment is VERY relaxing. Sara is such a beautiful soul. I went with no expectations and left with peace of mind knowing that my loved one still watches over me. 

Tonia M. Austin, Tx


 Amazingly relaxing experience. I have worked with Sara a few times on  different things but this was my first one on one experience. She was  extremely patient and understanding with me and made my entire  experience very relaxing. She definitely knows how to guide you through  yourself. 

Daley S. Austin, Tx


 I have worked with Sara many times over the years on several cases and she is amazing. She gets clear, accurate information and it’s obvious that’s she is the real deal. She is very caring and genuinely wants to help everyone involved find closure and/or peace. On a personal note, she has had many psychic dreams and intuitions that have helped me greatly over the years. I definitely recommend her.   

Samara S.  Austin, Tx


 Amazingly relaxing experience. I have worked with Sara a few times on different things but this was my first one on one experience. She was extremely patient and understanding with me and made my entire experience very relaxing. She definitely knows how to guide you through yourself. 

Daley S. Austin, Tx


 I saw Sarah seeking out her spirit discernment. If I wasn't already a believer before I certainly am now. From start to finish I felt she was in control the entire time which was imperative as my experience was very physical. She guided me through the session without Influencing me and managed to identify and remove what HAD been present. I feel safe and can attest she is the real deal when it comes to supernatural mediumship, detection, and removal. When you know you just know, I highly recommend Sarah for anyone who feels they may need help from a more invasive service and not looking for a run of the mill psychic. If you feel there is not other option and are at the end of the road, contact Sarah, she will help you. 

Melody M. Austin, Tx


 You can't make this stuff up. I just had the most amazing experience.  Sara Wickham just did a reading for me. Via FB messenger video. The  timing was perfect bc I have 3 big deal things happening right now. And  the reading called out my 4th big deal thing that I was not questioning.  If I ever had any doubt about card readings there is no question now.  This was an incredible experience. I so highly recommend spending time  with Sara if you are looking for some guidance on things you feel unsure  of. She's fantastic. I can't say that enough. 

Julia C.  Mankato, MN


Can I give 100 stars? Because that’s how I feel about my session with  Sara Wickham. I was suffering from crippling anxiety that was effecting  every aspect of my life. The second Sara put her hands on my head she  immediately knew I needed help moving a spirit from my energy field. I  felt like 1,000 pounds were lifted from my body & I’m myself again.  All my loved ones noticed a light back in my eyes & I’m forever grateful. I’m honestly getting a little emotional just writing this.  Sara is truly gifted. 

Deirdre L. Austin, Tx 


I had a card reading and reiki session with Sara today and she was  incredible!!! She made me feel at ease through out the entire process  and the reiki session felt like I was going through a spiritual MRI  machine. Not only that but she gave me wonderful tips for aftercare for  myself. I cannot recommend her services enough. She truly works  wonders!!! 10/10 will be going back! 

Ruby L. Austin , Tx


 I am a huge skeptic of this stuff, but still open minded. There are  things I don't understand, but I have experienced what I have  experienced. I really struggled after the love of my life took her own.  When I met with Sara Wickham I was looking any sign, something no one  else would have known. I got much more than expected. It was  instrumental in my healing. 

Jazzie W. Austin, Tx


 I had a reading with Sara. She was kind to work with me on a day I was  available. The session was a gift from a friend. I went not knowing what  to expect nor did I truly believed. I’ve lost 3 important ppl in my  life. 1 has recently been my spouse. I love that Sara said she was not  guna feed me crap & she didn’t. There were things my wife & I  said to one another that only our close friends would know or each  other. Sara was kind & understood the pain I’m going through. I  walked out a believer. I highly recommend Sara Wickham. I look forward  to seeing her again. 

Tanis C. Austin, Tx


 Sara guided me through discerning and communicating with spirits that  had been attached to me for years. Spirits that were just confused and  hurt and needed help moving on, which she graciously and patiently  helped also, which was super important and beautiful to be a part of.  she is genuine and authentic and I highly recommend her services to  anyone dealing with paranormal activity they don't understand. I not  only unlocked and mended with parts of myself but also gained a new  friend in Sara. Plainly, she's super dope. 

Cansas E. Austin, Tx


 I had a One Question Card Reading with Sara that was incredibly  beneficial in helping me move forward on my journey. It's amazing how  getting the answer to just one question can be so impactful! 

Naticia D. Canton, GA


 Sara Wickham is an amazing medium and guide. She lead me in a meditative  journey which was incredibly productive. Not only did we discover my  higher self but I was introduced to my spirit guide and spirit animal. I  still use the techniques she taught me when I need to do any spiritual  work. There is no one I trust more. 

Arron S. Austin, Tx


 Sara is amazing. Not only is she a gifted reader and medium, but you can  feel how much she actually cares for her clients. She is truly one of  the best I have encountered in the psychic community. 

Eric H. Austin, Tx


Sara did my card reading. Amazing and spot on!

Nancy S. Junction, Tx


 I sat with Sara for a reading in a noisy, disruptive club environment.  Even there, she was able to clearly tune into my situation and give me a  sincere reading with specific information that helped me clarify my  situation and obstacles. She is a kind and gentle person who is  genuinely interested in connecting people with their greatest good. I  trust and recommend her. 

Saul R. Austin, Tx


 Sara Wickham is a wonderful medium!  She's compassionate, warm and  funny.  I have seen her in action many times helping people communicate  with their loved ones on the other side.  The readings she has done for  me have always been spot-on.  She doesn't just connect with spirits; she  assists the living in moving on with a reassured heart.  People are  often surprised when Sara gets details about things only they would have  known about a person.  But I'm not.  I recommend her to anyone what  wants a "real" experience of communicating with the other side. 

Shelia D. Marble Falls, Tx


 I had a card reading from Sara Wickham, in 2016. Her heart is in what  she does. She was able to see in my cards MORE than I could see with my  own eyes and mind. What was shown to me then has been unfolding slowly  over the last year and I am STILL in amazement. 

Jason H. Austin, Tx


 I have had multiple mediumship readings from Sara. She has connected me  to my loved ones that have passed on and read my cards. There are many  different services that she has available, so be sure to check those  out. She has a beautiful gift! Sara is professional, empathetic and  extremely caring, not to mention affordable. I highly recommend all of  her services to any and all. 

Feleica C. Austin, Tx


 We did not know what to expect. We videotaped the session. Soon it was  clear that my parents were there. Sara conveyed what my parents said.  Right away we heard information that only my parents and I would know.  So, right away we had proof. As Sara told us of my parent's comments and  jokes their style of language came through. It was obvious that it was  them. I was able to ask my parents some questions. I felt breathless  when I heard their answers in what was uniquely their way of talking. I  just knew when I heard Sara say things my parents had said before ...  their way of talking to me ... I knew my parents had visited us. My mom  and dad shared one more bit of information that only I would have known.  Then they were gone. Sara was great. 

Matthew M.  Austin, Tx


 I am very grateful to Sara Wickham for all the help she has given me.  She has helped me with past life regression and given me card readings  that really helped me figure things out. She helped me to contact my  father's spirit and cross him over and has helped me with spirit  discernment and removal. Sara is very gifted and shows a lot of  compassion and consideration when working that makes the process easier  to get through. I have had many breakthroughs that lead to much progress  in my life after receiving all of these services. I highly recommend  her.

Cat D. Austin, Tx


 Sara Wickham offers many different services, she is an extremely caring  individual, that has helped me in the past with the support, many years  ago of her paranormal team while i was experiencing goings on in one of  my older houses..it was very interesting and enlightening. and another  medium she had brought in was point on about some events that nobody had  known about. a few years ago she helped me with the passing of my  mother and was spot on about a friend that had passed that  was trying to help my mother...i am again experiencing some issues that  i have asked  for her help and guidance.  i also share in some of the  same sensibilities, and feel i have only been comfortable with sara  since i was a child to really communicate the happenings i have  experienced. i am a realist that has inner turmoil, struggles with this  sort of thing , like many. but what i have experienced over my lifetime  is very real if nothing more but to me... sara is one of the only  individuals i would approach and trust with any of this..she is serious  and believes whole heatedly in what she is doing, i believe in her as  well. she is professional, she has a very calming presence, she makes  you feel comfortable, she is non-judgmental..there is just not enough i  can say about this woman. she has my complete support.

Brandy W. Austin, Tx


 Sara is phenomenal. Had several readings from her in the past and I  always leave with direction and a positive feeling. One of the best  things about her is she actally cares about people and it shows. I  highly recommend! 

Sean S. Austin, Tx


 Sara Wickham has many abilities and is knowledgeable in metaphysical principals. You will be satisfied with her reading. 

Donna H. Austin, Tx


Sara & Janice

Sara & Janice

Sara & Janice


These ladies are amazing. They did a double medium reading for me and my mom. We told them nothing prior to our reading and asked our loved ones to bring up certain things during the reading and they got their messages. My brother has been in heaven for 14 years now and we had so many questions regarding his passing. He didn't want to tell us at first but Sara and Janice were able to communicate and get all the answers we were hoping to find out. I look forward to future services with them.

Dianna W. Columbia, Mo

Sara and Janice are phenomenal mediums, I have had the honor to work with them on a number of occasions 

Stephen W.  Costa Rica


 Truly wonderful women. They cleared my house and helped my girls sleep easier. I absolutely recommend!
Allison A. Austin, Tx


 I cannot say enough positive things about these ladies. Both Janice and Sarah have amazing intuition and have impressed me time and time again. You won't find a better place for all your spiritual needs! 

Shannon G. Taylor, Tx


 These ladies are amazing. They did a double medium reading for me and my  mom. We told them nothing prior to our reading and asked our loved ones  to bring up certain things during the reading and they got their  messages. My brother has been in heaven for 14 years now and we had so  many questions regarding his passing. He didn't want to tell us at first  but Sara and Janice were able to communicate and get all the answers we  were hoping to find out. I look forward to future services with them. 

Daphany J. Austin, Tx


 I had a reading with Sara and Janice.  It was the most important thing  in my life right now.  Both of them were able to bring forth my parents  with whom I never got to say good bye to.  Sara was spot on with  information that only my parents and I had knowledge of. Sara and Janice  are both very compassionate with their clients and  you can tell that  they really enjoy helping people connect with their loved ones who have  passed on. If you are looking for a medium or mediums to help you  connect with anyone that has passed on I would highly recommend Sara or  Janice.  You will definitely not be disappointed. Reach out and give  them a call. You will be glad that you did.
Diane C. Austin, Tx


 Sara and Janice are both just top notch. I have received several  readings from Sara. She has helped me connect with my Mother's parents, a  couple of my friends who have passed and even my Uncle Jimmy. Her card  readings have always been insightful. She and her gift have made a  wonderful impact in my life. Any time I have doubts about where I'm  headed in life or just need to have my compass reset to true north, I go  see Sara. And as for Janice, she has also had a profound effect  on my life. She was able to get in touch with my ex Robert who passed  in 2002. His death had left a very deep wound in me, and although it had  started to heal, I don't think I truly got over it until Janice and I  had our session. Knowing that he was in a good place helped me put it to  rest. I can't tell you how much of a difference it made.  And I can't  thank you enough. Both of these ladies are very talented and powerful.  They are the real deal and I highly recommend their services to anyone. 

Chuck E. Austin, Tx


 The ladies were awesome--very accommodating and followed up with extra  details that were discovered after the visit. Loved having them here and  using their gifts! 

Julie D. Taylor, Tx


Sara & Janice



Janice  did a reading for me a few months ago. It was a first for me so I  didn't know what to expect. Turned out to be remarkably accurate. 

 She was able to reveal that a friend and I were planning to start a  business venture together. It was only the night before that we began  kicking around that idea, and I had told no one!! She said that we  needed to go for it for sure. Now we are deep into the business and  several clients are lined up.

I look forward to my next reading!

Abraham Y. Pflugerville, Tx


I have had multiple card readings from Janice over the years. I am always amazed by the amount of information and insight that comes through. 

Sara W. Austin, Tx