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Texas Ghost & Spirit Intervention


Specializes in  Resolving Hauntings & Spiritual Warfare 

We are interested in finding the source of the problem and determining  the best action to help you regain control of what is rightfully yours.

Based in Austin, Tx

Texas Ghost & Spirit Intervention

Creative Intelligence Hypnotherapy


My name is Sheila Renee Dudley.  I am a Certified Clinical and Medical Support Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Yoga Teacher, energy healer and intuitive. 

 I specialize in sessions for relaxation, stress relief, pain control, goal attainment, emotional healing and spiritual growth.  

It’s common for me to see people for increased creativity, intuition, confidence and self-trust.  In addition, I do transpersonal hypnosis, or work with the spirit such as Past Life Regression and getting in contact with your higher self and resources. 

Creative Intelligence

Magic Self & Spirit



Spiritual Magickal Philosophies 

Imagine if everything you’ve been  told, believed, have experienced, are/were just versions of the  possibilities that reality can be.   That the right/wrong, good/bad real  and unreal you perceived were just opposites necessary to allow that  version of reality to function.