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Sara Wickham

Janice Yeoman

Sara Wickham


Sara is a U.S Army Veteran.. She served as a Military Police Officer worked as a Traffic Accident Investigator. &  K-9 officer.

When she got out she perused a degree in criminal justice & her dream was to be a homicide investigator but life took her down an unexpected path.  

She has  been aware of her medium & psychic abilities since she was a  small child. 

She started working professionally in the paranormal field  in 2009, working as a medium for local paranormal teams, eventually  forming her own paranormal investigation team & hosting a paranormal  T.V. talk show. In 2010 she discovered she had a natural ability for resolving hauntings.

In 2012, she experienced the darker side of working  in the paranormal field which lead her to extend her studies & reconstruct the team to a spiritual warfare team known as Texas Ghost & Spirit Intervention.  This team deals with  extreme hauntings, spirit attachment & possession. 

Now she uses her abilities to help people dealing with the darker-side of the spirit world, as well as delivering messages from loved-ones on the other-side & helping those that need healing, seeking answers & looking for closure. 

Media Platforms include:: Fox News , My Ghost Stories & Austin Public Access



Ordained Minister

Certified Reiki Master 

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

Certified Master Demonologist

 10 Years experience working professional in the paranormal field. 

Other studies include: Mediumship,  Psychic Development, Reincarnation, Near Death Experiences, O.B.E (Out of Body Experience), Entity & Spirit Releasement & Removal 

Who are we?

Janice Yeoman

Sara Wickham


 Austin Mediums is made up of two friends that are psychic mediums. They both have a passion for delivering messages, helping  people & spirits.  They take great pride in their work & pledge to uphold their  services with integrity.   

Based in Austin, Texas

Janice Yeoman

Janice Yeoman

Janice Yeoman


Janice as had the ability to see spirits since she was a young child. As a teenager she discovered she also had  the ability of precognition, this is the ability to foresee events  before they happen. Over the years she has worked on developing her  medium & psychic abilities. She has used her abilities to help local paranormal teams and spiritual warfare teams on cases.   

Now she share her gift with the public, delivering messages from the other side.